Chance The Rapper Wants Your Help Getting His Songs On The Radio

He set up a website just for requests

The discussion about whether rappers benefit from staying independent or signing to a major is ongoing but a bit tired, as plenty indie artists have proven there’s a successful business model and career path in that route. Still, while the costs of making music and reaching fans have generally been democratized, the radio promotions departments that major labels have give them an area of access and expertise that many independent artists still lack.

Chance the Rapper has reached great heights as an indie artist — from major TV looks to deals with Apple Music to an enormous following — but he doesn’t have the hold on radio that he’d like. So he launched to get some help from his fans to try to change that.

The site allows you choose your city and then one of two of Chano’s songs — “No Problem” or “Summer Friends” — and then it automatically spits out a tweet directed at a radio station and DJs in that city.

It looks like this:

Will the stations listen?