Fred Durst, Jack Osbourne Turn Out For 'Team America' Premiere

Celebs walked red carpet covered in rose petals.

HOLLYWOOD -- Trey Parker and Matt Stone admitted Monday night at the premiere of their new movie, "Team America: World Police," that they weren't expecting a ton of A-list celebrities to be there. "We got Weird Al and John Stamos, and that's about it," Parker said.

The movie, which has an all-marionette cast, pokes fun at a slew of stars, including George Clooney, Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn and Matt Damon. The action-adventure film focuses on Team America, an international puppet police force embarking on a dangerous mission to maintain global stability and save the world.

The lack of celebrities didn't stop the "South Park" duo from getting dressed up for the big night. "I went to Dolce & Gabbana and said, 'I'm having a movie premiere tonight,' and they gave me a bunch of free stuff," said Parker. "I am wearing Prada," said Stone. "But I paid for it like an idiot."

Parker was excited to watch the film with an audience and said it would be the first time he'd seen the final product. "I don't know if I can even watch it," he said, "because I know I will see something and be like, 'We left that in?' "

Also walking down the red carpet, which was covered in rose petals, was Fred Durst, who stopped to sign a few autographs before entering the theater. "I am a big fan of 'South Park,' " he said. "I am hoping to see a good movie."

Jack Osbourne echoed the sentiment. "I am a hundred percent a 'South Park' fan," he said. "I love how everything they do is wrong. It's kind of like in the sense of 'The Simpsons' where every season just gets better and better." Osbourne said the small amount of information he was given about the movie was enough to get him to Grauman's Chinese Theatre. "All I have heard is that there is a really bad sex scene and that they just offend everyone."

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