Demi Lovato Mid-Helicopter Ride: ‘How The Fuck Are There No Pokémon Up Here?’

The ‘Body Say’ singer asks the important questions

Demi Lovato is currently on the "best tour of [her] life" with bestie Nick Jonas, and it looks like some Pokémon are coming along for the ride.

"Are you addicted to that Pokémon Go as well?" Elvis Duran asked her Wednesday (July 13) during his radio show. She started playing the game only yesterday, but fans think she's obsessed with it. Why? Jonas got everyone excited when he tweeted this gem:

"We were in a helicopter and I was like, ‘How the fuck are there no Pokémon up here?’" Demi revealed to Duran. Niantic, if you're reading this, please add some Pikachu to the atmosphere ASAP.

"So everyone's like, oh my gosh, Demi's addicted to it," she added. "I'm like, no, I'm not addicted, but I did start and now I am kind of addicted. I'm on level 4 already and I got Jigglypuff!"

"You should see your gynecologist about that," Duran joked. Watch his full interview below.