Red Hot Chili Peppers' 'Maggie' Director Aimed For 'Simple And Iconic'

Marc Klasfeld describes the risks the band took shooting rooftop clip.

We're just a day away from the world premiere of the music video for [article id="1669023"]"The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" during "MTV First: Red Hot Chili Peppers"[/article] on MTV, MTV2, and (Wednesday night at 7:53 p.m. ET). But before the video's official unveiling, MTV News sat down with the clip's director, Marc Klasfeld, to shed a little light on this long-awaited project.

Klasfeld, whose videos for Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" and Rise Against's "Make It Stop (September's Children)" are up for VMAs this year, said that the idea for the brand new video came from an old, iconic place.

"[Anthony Kiedis and I] were actually looking at the Beatles' 'Get Back' rooftop video and we decided that, 'Hey, how cool would it be to do something like this?' " Klasfeld said. "And do it in Southern California and shoot it at a magic hour and get that warm glow and make something iconic like that for such an iconic band ... My whole thing was like, 'I just wanna shoot film. I just want to shoot this on film, and I want this to look great, and I know nobody shoots film anymore,' but I was like, 'That's what's gonna make this so special.' "

As you can see in this 30-second sneak peek of "Maggie," the video finds the band on a rooftop overlooking Venice Beach, just before sunset. But despite the easy breezy vibe in the video, there was still a certain fear factor on set.

"We were a little bit worried because off to the side of the roof there's no safety net," Klasfeld said. "We found the location at the last minute, because it had such incredible views, but on the edges of the location, you fall and you die, basically. So we were a little bit worried about them just going too far ... but they're just pros. They've done it a million times and they kind of got the boundaries of it all and did it.

"There was definitely something about being simple and iconic, and I know people throw around those terms constantly, but we really did it and we really stayed true to that, and I think the results are in the video," Klasfeld said.

Tune in for the premiere of "The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie" on Wednesday, August 17, at 7:53 p.m. ET/PT on MTV and MTV2. Then stick around immediately after for our exclusive interview with the band, streaming live on Fans can submit their questions for RHCP via Twitter, using the hashtag #AskRHCP.