Jennifer Aniston Makes Best Kiss A Little Awkward At MTV Movie Awards

'We're the Millers' triple kiss takes home the night's sexiest prize.

Seth Rogen's makeout session with his "mother" may have creeped you out, but it turns out, kissing your mother may be the best way to snag Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards.

This year, the honor went to Will Poulter, Jennifer Aniston, and Emma Roberts for their wildly inappropriate three-way kiss in "We're the Millers."

Poulter was already riding high before his win was announced -- after all, the show had barely started before the British (yes, he's British!) actor won Best Breakthrough Performance for his role as doofy dweeb turned career criminal --but that joy was quickly turned way, way down once Aniston shot him a text while he was onstage and on camera accepting their award.

"I was forced to kiss you," Aniston scolded her co-star, intent on not letting anyone think the duo have been canoodling in real life, no matter how much Poulter might want that saucy rumor to slip out.

Poulter played it off well enough -- improv, you know! -- but even he couldn't hide his disdain when Aniston issued her final missive: "P.S. You look like a dorky Tintin." Yes, a dorky Tintin, the French comic book hero who already isn't known for being excessively smooth on his own. Sick burn, Aniston!

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