'Challenge' Rookie Priscilla Just Proved She's A 'Sneaky Mofo'

The 'Love Island' export finally decided enough was enough with the Vet Alliance

Rarely can the evolution from sweet kitten to sinister wildcat reach completion within a few minutes, but on the latest episode of The Challenge, Priscilla — a lovable Love Island contestant from the U.K. — bared her fangs and single-handedly blew up the Veteran Alliance.

Not bad for a rookie who’d only just competed in her very first elimination round. But now that Priscilla has fired shots, can she shield herself from the counterstrike that’s surely headed her way?

On tonight's of Spies, Lies and Allies, and with Berna and Hughie standing as the only rookie/rookie team left in the game, Priscilla, Jeremiah and Bettina — the only rookies who’d yet to compete in The Lair — considered that one or two would likely be coming nominees.

And, though Amber briefly considered volunteering herself into The Lair to send rival Berna packing, the rookies were right.

After “Divebomb,” a mission that challenged players to retrieve wires from offshore before correctly assembling them on land, new partners CT and Emy officially claimed their first victory, validating their risky move to forget a new partnership in Episode 7. And, with the power of The Agency, they did what most other veteran-led teams would have: They nominated rookies Jeremiah and Priscilla to compete against Hughie and Berna, the house’s nominees, in The Lair.

It was a completely familiar routine: With the exception of Amber, every single person that had heretofore competed in The Lair had been a rookie, and only rookies had been eliminated from each of the seven Lair games. But after Priscilla and Jeremiah claimed victory in “Race to Escape,” which challenged teams to climb to the top of a pole and set themselves free from a binding rope, Priscilla ensured the buck would stop there and then. And she didn’t leave any room for confusion.


Priscilla, who’d been quietly stewing over a threat Ashley had issued the rookies in the nomination ceremony, painted on a sinister smile when TJ asked if she’d like to use her win to steal a new partner for herself. Without flinching, Priscilla stole away Ashley’s partner Josh, turning the game on its head and rendering the cast completely speechless.

In one fell swoop, Priscilla not only guaranteed that at least one veteran would enter the next elimination round, she left Ashley with a newbie, Ed, as her partner and officially forced The Veteran Truce to — at long last — turn on itself.

And her victory dance was nothing to sneeze at, either.

“This is for threatening me, girl,” Priscilla said with deliciously villain affect as she stared down Ashley. “Payback’s a bitch.”

And almost immediately, the veterans saw their games caving in.

“Single-handedly, Priscilla has thrown a wrench in all of our plans,” Tori said. “She picks Josh and he is on a vet/vet team…for the rest of the game, there are going to be vets in The Lair. Now The Truce is off.”

And while longtime players were pissed, they also had to give Priscilla credit for her cutthroat gameplay.

“Priscilla, you sneaky mofo — well played,” CT said, while Kyle noted: “Priscilla you have completely screwed everything up.”

It was a shrewd and memorable move, but will it bolster Priscilla’s chances at surviving, or cut them even shorter? Be sure to see how her new rivalry with Ashley plays out when Spies, Lies and Allies returns Wednesday!

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