Flo Rida Records Unofficial Miami Heat Anthem

Inspired by LeBron James' arrival, the Florida MC says he hopes 'We Already Won' will 'get the city hype.'

Miami Heat fans have been celebrating ever since [article id="1643292"]NBA phenom LeBron James[/article] announced his move to the Florida team last week. (After 'Bron made his announcement, Miami's DJ Irie described the mania in the city in an e-mail to MTV News: "Miami is literally in a frenzy right now! Leftover fireworks from the Fourth of July are going off left and right.")

Now, one of the state's hitmaking stars has hit the studio to record a track to help Heat fans get their party on. [artist id="2583152"]Flo Rida[/artist] jumped in the lab to make "We Already Won," a banger that he dubs an unofficial anthem for the Miami Heat. Flo broke down the creation of the song to NBC Miami's Niteside blog.

"Being a part of the Poe Boy family, we always trying to do something to get the city hype," Flo said. "So I called my colleagues Billy Blue, Brianna, Desloc [Piccalo], Ball Greezy, Brisco. We just trying to build up the morale of Dade County. Having LeBron come in, having [Chris] Bosh come in, we think that's a great thing. So we just got in the studio and did what we always do -- go in there and make a great record."

The Florida rapper, who's broken chart records with party-starting [article id="1605523"]hits like "Right Round,"[/article] also chopped it up for the blog about his next album, which he's expecting to drop in the fall. Flo talked to MTV News last month about crafting the [article id="1642811"]David Guetta-produced jam "Club Can't Handle Me,"[/article] which will be featured on the LP, as well as the "Step Up 3-D" soundtrack.

"It's called The Only 1, Flo told NBC Miami, adding that the buzz surrounding the Heat's new lineup is inspiring his latest effort. "It definitely feels special for the fact that we got LeBron and this crazy team, you know, [Dwyane] Wade and everybody."

Who else would you like to hear take a stab at a Miami Heat anthem? Tell us in the comments!