Zendaya Has Been Cast As Aaliyah! Let's Discuss

The Lifetime original movie has found its lead.

Anyone raised in the Y2K era of music might want to grab a paper bag, because there's a good chance you'll be hyperventilating shortly. A&E Television Networks has confirmed that Disney Channel actress Zendaya has been cast as Aaliyah in an upcoming Lifetime original movie. See? Told you those paper bags were necessary.

Based on Christopher John Farley's Aaliyah: More Than A Woman, "Aaliyah: Princess Of R&B" will chronicle Aaliyah's life in the spotlight, from her 10-year-old debut on "Star Search" to the tragic plane crash that cut her life short at the age of 22.

Any posthumous project related to Aaliyah is all but guaranteed to face a tough road ahead of it. (I mean, remember Drake's "Enough Said"? Enough said.) But, I have faith that the "Replay" singer, director Bradley Walsh ("Turn The Beat Around"), screenwriter Michael Elliot ("Brown Sugar"), and the rest of the "Princess Of R&B" team will do Aaliyah's memory justice. These tweets of Zendaya's following the casting announcement are certainly reassuring:

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