Harry Styles Finally Reveals When He'll Cut His Hair

He's growing it for a good cause.

Ever since Harry Styles said goodbye to his trademark side-swept hair and started letting his curly locks grow long and free, Directioners far and wide have been wondering what the end game is. Like, is he just going to let it grow forever, Rapunzel-style? Is he just going to show up one day with hair that can't be put into a man bun? I'd be totally cool with whatever Harry decides, I'd just like some insight into whether we should expect long hair for the foreseeable future or not, y'know?

Well, thanks to One Direction's appearance on "The Late Late Show with James Corden," we FINALLY have an idea of when Harry is going to make the chop.

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One Direction, Prince Harry

During the band's appearance on Thursday night (Dec. 3), James brought up the question everyone—including Prince Harry, apparently—has been wondering. He said, "Here we have a picture of when Harry met Harry. Here you are. Is this true -- that Prince Harry asked a question that I am wondering? He asked about your hair, and quite where we're going with it at the moment? When's it going to stop? What style is the next, Styles?"


Harry Styles

While Harry initially gestured to his nipple region—which, wow, please give me a minute—he eventually revealed that he was planning on growing it until it was nine inches so he could potentially donate it. If that is, in fact, what he decides to do, he has a while to go—based on some very scientific research I just conducted—aka measuring a photo of his hair with a ruler ?—I'd say he's got about four inches right now.


Harry Styles

With several inches left to grow, we can look forward to GIFs like this for a while. Doing good while looking good, it's the Harry Styles way.

You can watch it all go down here.

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