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'Napoleon Dynamite,' Kelly Clarkson Win Big At Teen Choice Awards

Ashton Kutcher scored his 11th trophy, Jon Heder and Jim Carrey speeches got laughs.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California -- Who says teenagers these days can't wait to move on to the next new thing?

"The Notebook" and "Napoleon Dynamite," two of last summer's breakout hits, were the big winners at Sunday's fan-voted 2005 Teen Choice Awards, taking 12 surfboard trophies between the two of them.

Winners in the music categories were a little more current, with Ciara and comeback star Mariah Carey taking two each, but Jesse McCartney, Kelly Clarkson, Eminem and Gwen Stefani also took multiple awards for music released in 2004.

At least the show felt hip, with a spoof of "So You Think You Can Dance," and Stefani, Black Eyed Peas, the Pussycat Dolls and Simple Plan all performing their massive summer hits ("Hollaback Girl," "Don't Phunk with My Heart," "Don't Cha" and "Untitled").

Hilary Duff and Rob Schneider -- whose "Deuce Bigalow: European Gigolo" opened Friday -- co-hosted, filling the shoes of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Most of the evening's laughs came from the unscripted acceptance speeches rather than from their banter.

Jon Heder accepted his awards in character as Napoleon Dynamite, frickin' ticked off that the crowd "screamed louder for Jesse McFartney." Jim Carrey tried his surfboard out on the stairs after staring down Jessica Alba for a good 10 seconds or so. And Ashton Kutcher, who won three awards and now has a record 11 Teen Choice Awards (see [article id="1475354"]"Ashton Kutcher Punks The Competition At Teen Choice Awards"[/article]), pulled a nerdy kid out of the audience to "give him a shot" and let him read his hilarious acceptance speech, which expressed the wish that Choice Hottie winner Chad Michael Murray would choke on a tater tot.

Backstage, those who showed (Clarkson, Eminem and Adam Sandler had other plans) were also all about the laughs.

Hilary, Gwen, Chad, Mischa, Nick, Ryan And More At The 2005 Teen Choice Awards

Taking a cue from William Hung, who serenaded the press on the red carpet with his new single, "Achy Breaky Heart," Simple Plan used the press room to test out their new a capella cover of the Backstreet Boys' "Quit Playing Games (With My Heart)."

"The Notebook"'s Ryan Gosling, who walked hand-in-hand with co-star Rachel McAdams, also earned laughs as he cleverly dodged relationship questions by plugging his next movie. When asked by one print reporter to see the co-stars kiss one last time, Gosling replied, "You have to pay to see that."

And if teenagers have any say, it's worth the money.

The 2005 Teen Choice Awards air Tuesday on FOX at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

A complete list of winners of the 2005 Teen Choice Awards:


  • Choice Album - Kelly Clarkson (Breakaway)

  • Choice Breakout, Female - Gwen Stefani
  • Choice Breakout, Male - Jesse McCartney
  • Choice Collaboration - Gwen Stefani featuring Eve ("Rich Girl")
  • Choice Female Artist - Kelly Clarkson
  • Choice Love Song - Mariah Carey ("We Belong Together")
  • Choice Make-Out Song - Ciara featuring Ludacris ("Oh")
  • Choice Male Artist - Jesse McCartney
  • Choice Party Starter - Black Eyed Peas ("Don't Phunk With My Heart")
  • Choice Rap Artist - Eminem
  • Choice Rap Track - Eminem ("Mockingbird")
  • Choice R&B Hip-Hop Track - Ciara ("1, 2 Step")
  • Choice R&B Artist - Mariah Carey
  • Choice Rock Group - Simple Plan
  • Choice Single - Kelly Clarkson ("Since U Been Gone")
  • Movies:

    • Choice Actor, Action/Thriller - Chad Michael Murray ("House of Wax")

  • Choice Actor, Drama - Ryan Gosling ("The Notebook")
  • Choice Actress, Comedy - Sandra Bullock ("Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous")
  • Choice Actress, Drama - Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook")
  • Choice Bad Guy - Jim Carrey ("Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events")
  • Choice Blush Scene - Hilary Duff ("A Cinderella Story")
  • Choice Breakout, Female - Haylie Duff ("Napoleon Dynamite")
  • Choice Breakout, Male - Ryan Gosling ("The Notebook")
  • Choice Chemistry - Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook")
  • Choice Comedy - "Napoleon Dynamite"
  • Choice Dance - Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite")
  • Choice Date Movie - "The Notebook"
  • Choice Drama - "The Notebook"
  • Choice Hissy Fit - Jon Heder ("Napoleon Dynamite")
  • Choice Liplock - Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook")
  • Choice Love Scene - Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams ("The Notebook")
  • Choice Rockstar Moment - Ashton Kutcher ("A Lot Like Love")
  • Choice Scream - Paris Hilton ("House of Wax")
  • Choice Sleazebag - Jennifer Coolidge ("A Cinderella Story")
  • Choice Thriller - "House of Wax"
  • Television:

    • Choice Actor, Comedy - Ashton Kutcher ("That '70s Show")

  • Choice Actor, Drama - Adam Brody ("The O.C.")
  • Choice Actress, Comedy - Alexis Bledel ("Gilmore Girls")
  • Choice Actress, Drama - Rachel Bilson ("The O.C.")
  • Choice Breakout, Female - Eva Longoria ("Desperate Housewives")
  • Choice Breakout Show - "Desperate Housewives"
  • Choice Chemistry - Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson ("The O.C.")
  • Choice Parental Unit - Lauren Graham (Lorelai Gilmore, "Gilmore Girls")
  • Choice Personality, Male - Ashton Kutcher ("Punk'd")
  • Choice Sidekick - Wilmer Valderrama ("That '70s Show")
  • Choice Comedy - "Gilmore Girls"
  • Choice Drama - "The O.C."
  • Choice Reality - "American Idol"
  • Choice Cast - "Desperate Housewives"
  • Additional awards:

    • Choice Comedian - Adam Sandler

  • Choice Crossover Artist - Jesse McCartney
  • Choice Hottie, Female - Rachel Bilson
  • Choice Hottie, Male - Chad Michael Murray
  • Choice It Girl - Alexis Bledel