Leonardo DiCaprio, Chace Crawford And More Stars Star In New PSA For Clean Energy Bill

By Cara Alwill

Leonardo DiCaprio has joined a long list of celebs who are working with the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Action Fund to urging Americans to get Congress to pass the Clean Energy, Jobs and American Power Act currently pending in the Senate. This campaign has become quite a hot topic, supported by many other celebrities including Chace Crawford, Jason Bateman, Felicity Huffman, Justin Long, Edward Norton, Emmy Rossum and Forest Whitaker.

So, what exactly is the bill about? The organization recently posted a video starring Leo (pres play above), urging viewers to e-mail their senators and ask them to pass the bill that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create green-energy jobs and create a cap-and-trade program.

Leo released a statement saying, “This is our moment, our moment to fight for a cleaner and more secure future. The time is now for people across the country to stand up and have their voices heard. We all must call on the Senate to act on this historic opportunity."

Those who are interested in the cause can upload videos or e-mail senators directly about the bill. is all about spreading the word through viral platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, where supporters can also post their videos.