Steve-O Arrested For Peeing In Front Of Lollapalooza Fans

'Jackass' co-star describes ordeal as 'nothing but excitement.'

"Jackass" co-star Steve-O has been arrested again, this time after allegedly urinating in public during a Lollapalooza stop near Pittsburgh.

The stuntman, whose real name is Stephen Glover, was arrested Saturday and charged with disorderly conduct after allegedly urinating in front of patrons and staff members near a booth at the rock festival, according to a Burgettstown, Pennsylvania, police citation.

In his Web journal, Glover wrote about the arrest, which he said was "for pulling out my penis and peeing on potato chips."

"It's been nothing but excitement," Glover wrote on Monday. "Luckily I had my lawyer with me, so that was relatively painless, and I'm going to have fun fighting the charges."

Glover also had fun fighting the Lollapalooza promoters, whom he claims were upset after his arrest. "The producers of the Lollapalooza tour apparently were being forced to kick me off the tour," Glover wrote, "for being too out of control and 'a lawsuit waiting to happen.' "

A spokesperson for Lollapalooza said she was unaware of Glover being kicked off the tour.

"That might have been over-glamorized," Glover's lawyer Jason Berk said. "The producers were understandably concerned about the arrest, discussions took place, and they agreed he would stay on."

Not that it mattered. "Unfortunately, I have to leave the tour [anyway]," Glover wrote, explaining that he was traveling to Alaska on Thursday to continue shooting a still-untitled show for MTV.

"Steve-O's first priority is adhering to the schedule mandated by the show," Berk said. "He had little choice but to leave."

First called "Alpha Male," then "The Nature Show," Glover's new project reunites him with former co-star Chris Pontius for a "Jackass"-like program that has been picked up for 10 episodes and is slated to air this fall.

Glover faces a $300 fine for the disorderly conduct charge, which his lawyer characterizes as "relatively minor." Glover will not be required to appear in court to address the charge.

In May, Glover was arrested in Sweden after boasting to local media that he had swallowed a condom filled with drugs (see [article id="1472087"]"Steve-O Sprung From Jail After Pleading Guilty To Drug Possession"[/article]). A year ago he was arrested in Louisiana following a performance in which he stapled his scrotum to his thigh and presided over a stunt that injured a teenage audience member (see [article id="1470726"]"Steve-O Reaches Probation Deal In Obscenity, Battery Case"[/article]).

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