Amy Schumer And Judd Apatow Crashed An Irish Wedding Just Because

Best wedding surprise EVER.

Before the "Trainwreck" gang got snazzed up for their latest red carpet premiere in Dublin on Friday (August 14), Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow went out and had a big night on the town which included some wedding crash action fit with a good ole' Irish sing-along session (!!) at a local pub.

Yes. And the video, captured by a fellow partier present for the random-but-magical moment, proves the bride was tickled pink by her unexpected celebrity guests. 'Cause who wouldn't want Amy Schumer to randomly drop in to their shindig and liven up the joint with some celebratory tunes led by Irish singer-songwriter Glen Hansard himself?

Per Vanity Fair, the lucky bride and groom's names are Eithne McAdams and J.P. Swaine, and they've got one of the best wedding albums ever now, thanks to the little intrusion.

Speaking of photos, the "Trainwreck" international press tour has been an absolutely hilarious affair -- from the outside looking in, at least.

'Cause the whole squad is having fun right now.

Getty Images

And nobody's getting left out. (Well, mostly.)

They're not afraid to laugh ...

... Both with and at each other.

And Amy's just owning the world in general right now which is more than OK.