The Rock And Lin-Manuel Miranda Teamed Up Again To Give Us A Millennial Musical

They didn’t even pose for this photo. They’re just made for this.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda are kiiiiinda sorta busy thanks to Moana and their insanely successful careers on stage and screen, but that didn't stop the co-stars from starting a new project. You know, with all the spare time they have.

In Millennials: The Musical, a mockumentary short coming to YouTube, Johnson and Miranda put their heads together for a new emoji-friendly musical that involves dabbing, plenty of beanies, and a whole lot of drama.

Millennials follows the super-meta production of a musical written by and about — yup — millennials. The script for the show, the casting, the choreography, and the music all get ripped to shreds in the week before opening night, so the director, Michael Palomar (portrayed by Jack Jordan Norman) is staring down disaster as he tries to keep the whole thing together.

Perhaps the Rock's "fiyah" choreography skills will help? We'll see for sure on November 29, when Millennials premieres in full on YouTube.

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