Jeremy Scott Redesigned The VMA Moonman, And It's Totally Rad

Check out Jeremy Scott's rainbow-tastic design.

The MTV Video Music Awards most classic piece of hardware is getting a radical makeover.

Jeremy Scott announced on Monday (Aug. 17) that he's designing this year's Moonman, the prize that celeb hopefuls will vie for at the Aug. 30 show.

The silver statue has always been MTV's mascot, ever since the channel's inception. But the man behind Moschino and his '90s-tinged designs will create a Moonman that will encapsulate the true iconic essence of both the his own work and MTV.

Check it: the 2015 Moonman!


From the distinct color of the TV color bars to the peace sign necklace to Jeremy’s signature sneakers, the redesign of statue is part of MTV’s long-standing history of bridging the gap between the world of fashion and music. Those who win an award will get to take home one of these special Moonmen, designed exclusively for this year's show.

This is the second time the Moonman has transformed -- KAWS redesigned the spaceman in 2013.

Jeremy Scott has also collaborated with VMA host Miley Cyrus, who debuted some of her designs at his New York Fashion Week show.

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