Selena Gomez Shares The First Look At Her New Music Video

Sel also revealed the title and release date of her brand new single!

Selenators, prepare for the happy tears — Selena Gomez has just revealed some amazing news about her highly anticipated new music.



Last night (June 12), the 22-year-old actress/singer/fashionista/our dream BFF revealed the title and release date of her upcoming single in a pair of mysterious Instagram posts.

The first pic doesn’t show us too much, but it’s the caption that counts: “‘Good For You.’ JUNE 22. Now who would like the first look of my new music video?” she wrote, to which we replied, “US, SELENA. We would all very much love and appreciate and die for that first look, please and thank you very much.”

Sel kept her word by following up with a black-and-white shot showing her perched on a stool, arms spread wide and face pointing to the sky.

She captioned the behind-the-scenes sneak peek, “GOOD FOR YOU. JUNE 22. #IMready”

So are we, Selena. So are we.

Just last week, Selena teased fans with a mysterious pic of her in the shower, accompanied by the cryptic caption, “Ready.. #itscomingsoon.” Whether that pic is from the video for “Good For You” is unclear, but it’s safe to say Sel has a lot of exciting new things in store for fans. She’s already said she’s “close to being done” with her follow-up to 2013’s Stars Dance, and she admitted she’s “beyond excited to show you the next chapter.”

Now that we know the title of Sel’s upcoming single is “Good For You,” we can’t help but wonder about its context. The possibilities here are endless — she could be telling a potential S.O. that she brings out the best in him, making her “good for” him. Or maybe it’s more of a sassy, sarcastic retort. Or she could be sincerely saying to someone, “That’s great! Good for you!”

Luckily, we don’t have long to wait to find out the answer— June 22 can’t come soon enough!

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