M.I.A. Tackles The Refugee Crisis In ‘Borders' Video

The rapper gets political in her stunning new vid.

British rapper M.I.A. has shared her two cents on the escalating global refugee crisis with a new music video that serves as both a rallying cry and a call for compassion.

The self-directed clip for “Borders,” released Friday (Nov. 27), finds M.I.A. immersing herself in the front lines of the refugee struggle as she joins those attempting to flee their homes by cramming on boats, wading in the ocean and climbing barbed-wire fences.

The stunning visuals are even more compelling when juxtaposed with the politically charged lyrics: “Borders/ What’s up with that?/ Politics/ What’s up with that?/ Police shots/ What’s up with that?/ Identities/ What’s up with that?/ Your privilege/ What’s up with that?/ Broke people/ What’s up with that?/ Boat people/ What’s up with that?”

In a statement on Twitter, the rapper — who comes from Sri Lanken descent — shared why the hot button issue has such a personal meaning to her.

“Borders” is from M.I.A.’s upcoming fifth studio album Matahdatah, the follow-up to 2013’s Matangi.