Here’s ‘To Life,’ A Brand-Spanking-New Song From Ansolo (AKA Ansel Elgort)

Raise a chair above your head and dance!

"Divergent" dude/future '80s spy Ansel Elgort isn't just an actor. He moonlights as Ansolo, an electronic musician who's played New York's Electric Zoo festival and the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

And now, Ansolo, a recent signee of Island Records, has ushered in a new spirit with "To Life" -- a brand new single featuring brass house group Too Many Zooz.

"To Life" (or "L'Chaim," judging by the single artwork of a young Jewish boy participating in a hora dance) is an old-world blaster complete with deep brass squawks and pulsating pounds. It's a club banger for bar mitzvahs as well as EDM festivals, and that's cool.

Elgort spoke to MTV News last year about his love for production. "I wanted to make sure people knew that I was the producer and not the vocalist," he said. "Production is what I am into more than actual singing. But can sing, too, so. I'll try to sing on stuff eventually, but for now, I'll just be the producer."

If "To Life" is any indication, his production skills are tops. Keep doing your thing, Ansolo.

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