7 Critical Questions Every Student Asks Themself When They Apply Early Decision To College

Some high school seniors will get their acceptance letters in December.

Applying to college early decision is like signing a contract. If the school admits you, you're obligated to attend their university whether you like it or not. The process has its pros and cons and isn't for everyone -- especially if there are several schools you're interested in. But if you have your heart set on one dream university, early decision can be a great option.

December usually marks the beginning of early decision admissions. In a few days, thousands of acceptance letters will be sent out to overeager high school seniors everywhere. Here are the questions that have been running through those students' minds nonstop for the past several months:

1. Is it easier to get into college by applying early decision?


It depends on the school. Look up the college's admission statistics on their website to find out what their acceptance rates are. Often times, early admission applicants have a slightly higher acceptance rate than regular applicants do.

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2. What's the difference between early decision apps and regular apps?

Besides the earlier due date, there usually isn't much of a difference. You need to get your s--t together much faster for early decision apps though. There's no time to procrastinate essay-writing or begging for letters of recommendation.

3. Am I 100% sure this is the right school for me?


It's normal to feel a little bit of FOBO (Fear Of Better Options) when you're making such a huge decision. If you get into a school early decision, you're committed to going there even if you change your mind later on -- so you better be pretty damn sure that this is your dream school.

4. But what if I end up hating it?


It won't be the end of the world. Transferring to another school is usually possible if you're interested in that.

5. Am I willing to spend winter break finishing college apps?

When you apply early decision, your app is typically due in October or November and you get your decision in December. If you don't get in (sob), you need to apply to other schools ASAP -- which means you have to crank out all those essays over winter break.

6. Will I jinx myself if I wear the college's gear before decisions come out?

I mean, you probably won't, but why risk it?

7. If I get into college in December, what do I do for the rest of my senior year?

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SLEEP. Just sleep all the time, because you won't be sleeping at all once you get to college.

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