Now There Are Three Live-Action 'Jungle Book' Reboots In Development. Three.

They say three's a crowd, but apparently none of the studios planning movies based on "The Jungle Book" have heard that adage.

Disney is the latest studio to hop onto the "Jungle Book" re-tooling boat, putting yet another egg into the House of Mouse's live-action reboot-heavy basket.

Yep, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that the Rudyard Kipling classic has been ordered to a live-action script by Justin Marks, who recently penned an adaptation of "The Raven" as well as a "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," and is now on the prowl for a director to attach to the pic.

Disney, of course, housed the  beloved 1967 animated and sing-songy adaptation which taught us all about how about how to forget about our worries and strife and so forth as Mowgli and Baloo the Bear pranced around the wilderness philosophizing and otherwise just steering clear of the toothy tiger Shere Khan. Ah, memories.

"The Jungle Book" is but the latest in a growing series of live-action retellings recently orchestrated by the studio: First came their "Alice In Wonderland" actioner (which earned 'em a lot of pretty pennies indeed), then they set to work on that "Sleepy Beauty" redux-slash-protagonist-switcheroo "Maleficent," Also, they recently pieced together one sweet little ensemble for another go at "Cinderella."

So obviously this is becoming quite a trend for Disney, which has had a few grand box office disappointments in the original pic realm (most recently, "The Lone Ranger"). Whether it proves to be bankable beyond "Wonderland" remains to be seen ("Maleficent" hits theaters July 2, 2014, with "Cinderella" following along with those famous glass slippers on March 13, 2015).

As mentioned, this isn't the only "Jungle Book" project on the rise. Warner Bros. has brought its trusty "Harry Potter" alum Steve Kloves on-board to script a version for itself. As if that wasn't enough, there's a thirdDQ Entertainment has been planning a 3D animated version to prep for 2014 release as well (Note: Kipling's book is part of the public domain, so it's up for grabs by anyone willing, essentially).

It's also worth noting that this will not even be Disney's first try at a live-action version of the India-based 1894 classic story. Its 1994 version of the classic featured Jason Scott Lee, Carey Elwes, Lena Headey, Sam Neill, John Cleese and Jason Flemyng and was written and directed by Scott Sommers.

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