Do You Know What These Mysterious Harry Styles Posters Mean?

Diehard fans think #HS2 is just around the corner

Calling all Harry Styles fans! It appears the wait for new music from the "Kiwi" crooner is almost over — or that's what his super sleuthy fans think, anyway. Apparently, black and white posters that say "DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE?" have been popping up in cities around the globe. And although said posters do not have Styles's name written anywhere on them, fans insist they've cracked the code. Let's dive into the clues, shall we?

For starters, NME pointed out that while the posters lack the One Direction star's name, they do include the acronym "TPWK." To casual listeners of Styles's music, this may not mean much. But for those who attended his last tour, those four letters have a much bigger meaning. "TPWK" actually stands for "Treat People With Kindness," and this was a message Styles included on much of his previous tour merchandise.

Another major hint that these cryptic posters belong to Styles is that each one features the logo of the singer's music label, Columbia Records. Then, of course, there was the confusing, single-word tweet that he published on October 5, which sent his followers into an immediate panic. The word "Do" meant little at the time, but that two-letter word is the first word on all the posters that fans have been spotting, so perhaps it's one of those things that only makes sense in hindsight.

But wait, there's more. When someone tweeted that they'll have to give up therapy for the release of Styles's next album and tour, the singer encouraged them to take care of their mental health first. "Go to therapy, it's important," he responded. "I'll wait for you." And in additional efforts to bring awareness to World Mental Health Day, fans can now visit and submit their names for automatically generated compliments. We have to stan!

After being presented with the evidence, these eagle-eyed fans actually make a great case. And although we'll have to wait for Styles to confirm that new music is on the way himself, that certainly hasn't stopped his devoted fandom from freaking out online and theorizing about what's so far been dubbed "HS2." See?

Clearly, fans are eagerly anticipating new music from Styles. And trust us when we say they are not alone.

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