'Arthur' Leading Ladies Muse On Film's 'Charming' Billionaire Drunk

'If he came into a party I was in, I would be out of that party so fast,' Helen Mirren laughs to MTV News about Russell Brand's character.

For some people, the idea of meeting and hanging out with a hapless, immature and perpetually drunk billionaire sounds like a great time. For others, not so much. Such is the case with the leading ladies of "Arthur," in which Russell Brand stars as the aforementioned reckless billionaire, with Helen Mirren playing his very patient nanny, Hobson, and Greta Gerwig his love interest, Naomi.

When MTV News caught up with Mirren and Gerwig recently, we asked them how they would react to meeting Arthur in real life.

"Oh, [I would] fall in love with him," Gerwig enthused. "He's so funny! I don't know, it's hard to separate [Brand from his character, but Arthur] is so funny and charming and crazy, who wouldn't?" she reasoned. "I think that's the point of the movie."

Mirren, on the other hand, didn't think meeting Arthur would be quite as much fun.

"I think if I met Arthur, I just would have no time for him whatsoever," she said. "If he came into a party I was in, I would be out of that party so fast," she said with a chuckle. "But, maybe I'd bump into him somewhere and be charmed by him, but I would certainly never find myself in a position of looking after him."

Speaking to the idea of employing the esteemed Oscar-winner as [article id="1661480"]a nanny[/article], Brand, naturally, was very keen on the concept." Helen Mirren, who plays Hobson, my nanny, in this lovely, fun-filled film 'Arthur,' would be a bloody good nanny," Brand told us. "She's fantastic at looking after you; she has authority and sensitivity."

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