'The Walking Dead': New Poster Teases Our Survivors Are Not Alone

Maybe Carl can find some better friends.

When we last left the "Walking Dead" gang, their beloved community of Alexandria had been raided by an insanely large herd of hungry walkers. But lucky for them, the new key art for the second half of Season 6 very heavily suggests that there are more survivors out there than we (and probably them) had anticipated.

The crucial bit here is in the line "A Larger World," which is also the name of the 16th volume of "The Walking Dead" comic book. In those issues, The Alexandrians learn that there are more communities out there like their own -- specifically the Hilltop Colony, whose recruiter Paul "Jesus" Monroe is joining the series when it returns on Sunday, February 14:



Intriguing, no? Our guess is that the cross belongs to Jesus (for fairly obvious reasons), and the two people holding hands are probably Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Sam (Major Dodson). The identity of the person wearing the wedding ring is a bit of a mystery -- as is why Morgan (Lennie James) is riding a horse, and why the RV has seemingly returned -- but these great unknowns are all just part of the fun of watching "The Walking Dead."

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