Who Does Little Meilani Look Like More: Jenni Farley Or Roger Mathews?

She's the spitting image of 'em!

Little Meilani Mathews has already proven to have her father's sense of adventure and her mother's daring style, but when it comes to her "Jersey Shore" gene pool, who does she take after?

JWOWW, whose "Jersey Shore Massacre" hits select theaters TODAY, just took a moment from her busy executive producer schedule to adore her little girl (can't say we blame her!). But as she looked into Meilani's eyes, she couldn't tell if she saw herself staring back. Is the baby a mini-WOWW, or does she have the features of her dear old dad?

JWOWW's Instagram


Determined to get to the bottom of things, Jenni plastered a photo of Meilani beside her own baby photo and one that belonged to Roger. "I think she's 50/50...Lol (I'm super jealous everyone keeps saying she looks like roger lol)" she captioned the Instagram photo (Jenni's top left, Rog's bottom left).

Do you agree with JWOWW's assessment? Tell us if Meilani's either of her parent's carbon copy!

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