Adam Levine’s New Reality Competition Show Will Be Unlike Anything You’ve Seen Before

'The Voice' judge has signed on to executive produce a new series that focuses on the amazingness of songwriters.

Just when you thought the world was already oversaturated with reality shows aimed at launching people into fame, along comes another one.

But don’t let that out exasperated sigh just yet. This new show is putting a fresh spin on the music/reality genre by focusing not on pop star wannabees, but on songwriters.

Maroon 5 frontman and “The Voice” judge Adam Levine has teamed up with “The Voice” executive producer Audrey Morrissey and Grammy Award-winning songwriter Dave Stewart to create “Songland,” a new competition show for NBC. The concept behind the show is that songwriters are the real wheels of the music industry’s machine, and they’re also some of the highest earners in the biz.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, contestants will be everyday people plucked from obscurity and tasked with creating the world’s next smash singles. They’ll pitch their original songs to prominent industry artists and producers, and they’ll also share their own personal stories along the way.

It definitely sounds like an intriguing and innovative idea. After all, the process of crafting a hit song is something a lot of people likely haven’t seen before. But that’s also what might make the whole concept tricky to pull off. Writing is a very insular process, and definitely not as visually interesting as singing or dancing. Will they hire singers to perform their songs? Or will there just be a lot of close-ups of notebooks and pens? So many questions!



Because “The Voice” is such a hit, though, I’m definitely expecting that Levine and company can make this work. “Songland” is still in its early stages of development, so it’ll be a while before any judges or mentors are announced, but hopefully some well-known singer-songwriters will provide their expertise. Kesha and Sia, for example, both started out as songwriters and would be great for a project like this.

Also, it’d be awesome to see the show highlight a diverse genre of songs — I’d love to see a rapper explain their process, instead of just hearing someone describe what makes a great pop hook over and over again.

What do you think of the concept behind “Songland?” Does it sound like a show you’d watch? Sound off in the comments below!