Jon Stewart Rips Into Cop Who Pulled His Gun On Kids At A Pool Party

Not just a jerk, but a redundant jerk.

The story of what prompted police to get violent with a group of kids at a pool party in McKinney, Texas, continues to develop, but there's one fact that nobody is disputing:

That cop in the now-viral video from the incident was acting like a complete butt-hat.

Jon Stewart took a few minutes at the start of "The Daily Show" yesterday (June 8) to discuss the McKinney situation, most of which he devoted to mercilessly mocking the officer who was caught on film throwing a 14 year-old girl to the ground and pulling his gun on two teens who tried to intervene.

Stewart dissected the cop's inane instructions to the girl (Pro tip: Telling someone to "get your ass on the ground" when they are literally sitting on the ground is just shoddy communication), then rewound to the exquisitely mock-able earlier footage of said cop performing an acrobatic tuck-and-roll, with gun in hand, for no apparent reason. (Pro tip: Stop it, you look ridiculous.)

The officer has reportedly been suspended pending an investigation into the incident.

In the meantime, Stewart and "The Daily Show" -- along with the general population of the internet and/or the world -- have wasted no time in pointing to this video as yet another disturbing example of a nationwide epidemic of police brutality against young black people.