#TBT: Young Lauren Conrad And Kristin Cavallari Dish On Cutting Class

Wouldn't you skip geometry if you had a beach in your backyard?

When you're a high school kid in Laguna Beach, where every day is summer, motivating yourself to get to chemistry class can be particularly challenging. Just ask teenage Lauren Conrad or Kristin Cavallari.

"Laguna Beach" recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, and in honor of this milestone occasion -- as well as Throwback Thursday -- we dug through the archives to bring you some priceless footage of LC and K-Cav during their MTV audition process. In the clips below, each discuss their shoddy attendance records.

"When you get into senior year, it's a lot harder to go to school," Lauren explains, adding that sometimes she'll make it all the way to the parking lot before changing her mind and heading toward the shore.

Michael Muller


Kristin also talks about the temptation of cutting class, especially because Laguna Beach High School's 30-minute lunch period doesn't offer nearly enough time to enjoy a proper midday meal. The cafeteria doesn't even serve sashimi!

While we once thought these girls only had their love for Stephen Colletti in common, we can now add ditching out -- just not with each other -- to their short list of similarities.

Watch the blond beauties come clean:

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