YG's Fans Were So Outraged By His Grammy Snub That They Decided To #Bicket

Fans gathered outside the Grammy Museum to support the 'My Krazy Life'.

YG fans were outraged when the rapper's My Krazy Life album was snubbed by the Grammys. So, they hit the streets to protest - or, as some have already coined it, to #bicket - in front of the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles.

Of course, YG was touched by the protest, but he also hit Twitter to clarify that he never asked his fans to do this.

Still, they did and they shared images from the rally on Twitter.

YG was also outraged by the fact that My Krazy Life was not nominated for a Grammy. When he found out he had been snubbed, he released a ferocious cut, "YG 2015 Flow." The song's cover art showed the albums that earned nods instead of his. Think he has a point?

Looks like YG's having a great 2015 despite the snub. I mean, he has fans who are down to protest for him like this and he's got a renewed friendship with DJ Mustard. Now we really can't wait for that My Krazy Life follow-up.

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