Thanks To Miley Cyrus, We May See Harry Styles With A New Hairstyle Soon

We're down for any reason to stare at Harry Styles' buns.

For almost a year now, Harry Styles has been a proud member of the Man Bun Club. Over the weekend, the Photoshop geniuses on the internet decided to upgrade his look and mock up what it'd look like if Harry tried two buns, aka space buns.

The new look caught the eye of Miley Cyrus, who shared her support for the hairstyle on Instagram.

On Sunday (Aug. 2), Miley shared this photo with the caption, "pretty much! #1D4EVR (contemplating whether we're soul mates or if I'm pissed dat bitch stole my look jk)." Obviously, Miley revealing herself as a Directioner combined with photos of Harry Styles with glorious hair was enough to send my heart and brain into a tizzy, but then something EVEN MORE MAJOR happened.

Harry liked the post. So, like, does that mean he'd consider them orrrr he's just a courteous Instagram user? Either way, I love you.

Another thing giving Directioners hope that he may actually, y'know, whip out the double buns during an On The Road Again Tour show: The boys' hairdresser, Lou Teasdale, has been practicing the style on her daughter.

Whether or not that means a request has come from Harry is TBD, but we're hoping they'll make an appearance soon. I mean, if Miley endorses them, you kinda have to, right?

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