Snoop Dogg's Next Album Will Show His 'Loving, Caring' Side

'It's like the reincarnation and the birth of me becoming who I really am,' MC tells MTV News at South by Southwest.

Maybe murder isn't the case after all? Eleven solo albums into his career, Snoop Dogg insists that fans have yet to see the real him, but on his next album, he hopes to change all of that.

"It's a project where it's more about the element of surprise, but at the same time it'll be talked about in due time," Snoop told MTV News this weekend at the South by Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. "It's special; it's a real special project to me because it's like the reincarnation and the birth of me becoming who I really am."

On his 1993 multiplatinum debut album Doggystyle, the Long Beach, California, MC became the poster child for gangsta rap, while simultaneously fighting a real-life murder case, which helped add to his mystique. Through the years, Snoop began to slowly back away from that hardened street image and began landing notable endorsements and movie roles. His 2007 reality show "Snoop Dogg's Father Hood" painted the picture of Snoop the family man. And with his next LP, the Doggfather plans to evolve even more.

"I never really knew who I was through the music," Snoop admitted. "I was always a very peaceful, kind, loving, caring individual and making music to symbolize that sometimes never was my key."

The global rap star doesn't elaborate on exactly how the music will change, but it's clear he has an eye toward the future, hoping to ensure some more longevity for himself. "This record, and this project will symbolize that and gives me the opportunity to step into the world of the stadium and then do those kind of songs that last 40, 50 years to go along with what I've already done," he said.

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