Which 'Challenge' Castoffs Will Return From the Most Stacked Redemption House Yet?

The two latest teams to be eliminated from ‘Final Reckoning’ were seeming shoo-ins for the final

Where this season of The Challenge is concerned, the bench is starting to look like a bigger threat than the starting lineup. So who’s gonna get another crack at the big game?

On tonight’s Final Reckoning episode, the Redemption House — already stacked with tough players like Brad, Kyle and Kam — got four new tenants after a huge upset in Armageddon and a totally unexpected flub at yet another Purge mission.

First, thanks to the continued efforts of the Lavender Ladies alliance, Johnny and Tony predictably earned the most votes from their fellow competitors and were sentenced to compete in the next elimination round. The guys wanted to drag in Shane and Nelson with them, but decided against the idea because of Shane’s swimming acumen (they could see a tank of water awaited them). So, they landed on Joss and Sylvia, who’d been trying to oust Tony and Bananas for ages.

Tony and Johnny seemed convinced Joss and Sylvia were a safe bet, but sadly, things didn’t quite go their way. In “Don’t Trip Me Up,” players had to construct a three-foot-tall structure with blocks, made all the more difficult by the fact that the base platform was suspended over rippling water. Both teams grew frustrated as structures collapsed time after time, but finally, and thanks to some serious resolve, Sylvia was able to build up her tower, leading her and Joss to a second Armageddon victory, and sending perhaps the game’s strongest team into the Redemption House.


“I cannot believe we just took out Tony and Bananas, one of the biggest teams in this game,” Sylvia said. “This is a huge win for me and Joss.”

And the trend of ousting Titan teams had just begun. In “Heads Will Roll,” the next Purge mission, teams had to transport flags from one side of a spinning platform to the other (and that platform just so happened to be suspended from a dizzying height). One player would have to grab a flag from one wall, shuttle it across the giant spinning log and hand it off to his or her teammate, who would stick the flag to the opposite wall.

While Natalie and Paulie killed the game, and earned their second straight victory, Shane/Nelson, Joss/Sylvia and Cara Maria/Marie all stumbled. Still, when all was said and done, it was Nelson’s stumbling out of the gate that earned his team the lowest score, and he and Shane — thought to be sure things for the final mission— were banished from the Main House.

“I was praying we’d never have to see that Redemption House,” Nelson lamented as he made his journey out of the game.


And we don’t blame Nelson. Now, the totally stacked Redemption House is filled by early-season standouts Brad and Kyle, elimination power-players Kam and Kayleigh, the dominant Bananas and Tony and, now, the reliably powerful Shane and Nelson. The road out will not be easy.

So, when the next Four Horseman of the Apocalypse task rolls around, who’ll be running the victory lap back into the Main House?

Who do you think will return from the most stacked Challenge Redemption House yet, and which duo will have another shot at Final Reckoning gold? Share your thoughts, and see who’s able to strike back next Tuesday night!

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