Justin Bieber Goes Bottomless In Naked Photo

Bizzle shows off his best asset.

Behold, the butt.

Justin Bieber revealed his bum on Instagram on Tuesday morning (July 7) for an early morning surprise, all of us squinting our sleepy eyes to see that, yes, indeed, Bieber bared his naked bottom for all the world to see. Thank you based Biebs.

"Look," he wrote, pointing to a far-off island in the photo. He's on a boat, peering out over cerulean water to green, mountainous land on the horizon. "Look," you can almost hear him shout with childlike glee.

His hair is tousled after skinny-dipping, perhaps, and the sun catches all the right shadows. "Look," he says again, not referring to the island at all, but in fact, the cheeks in front of us.

Justin is vacationing in Bora Bora, after spending time in Australia for a church conference and hanging out with his Hillsong pastors. While vacationing, his photographer friend got snapped at by a shark, apparently, as he shared that photo as well. However, that didn't stop anyone from photographing this moment.

Somewhere on that shore is Tina Belcher, groaning with delight.


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