Ryan Reynolds Is The New Ryan Gosling In 'The Notebook 2'

On TV anyway, thanks to Conan O’Brien

Ryan Gosling who? That’s exactly what you’ll think when you see Ryan Reynolds take on the role of Noah in The Notebook’s (fake but still great) sequel.

The Deadpool star stopped by Conan Wednesday (November 2) to promote his newest “project” — and after host O’Brien nixed discussing Reynolds’s other endeavors, such as the documentary Dolphins and How to Stop Them and parenting book 10 Easy Steps to Lower Your Child’s Self Esteem, he agreed to show a clip from Reynolds’s upcoming “movie,” The Notebook 2.

What happened next involved Reynolds in a wet t-shirt and one extremely long, uncomfortable kiss. Between that and accidentally revealing the gender of his second baby on TV, it’s no wonder Reynolds tried to distract wife Blake Lively with baked goods and iced milk when he got home. Check out the hilarious clip below.

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