'Lizzie McGuire' Star Lalaine's Instagram Is Brimming With Disney Channel Nostalgia

Happy #TBT, everyone.

Every '90s kid wanted a BFF like Miranda Sanchez growing up. She was Lizzie McGuire's (Hilary Duff) righthand gal, always there to make sure her outfit was on point, scope out cute boys and be a shoulder to cry on when life became too overwhelming.

Thankfully, Lalaine hasn't shied away from her Disney past. Instead, she's been sharing old school pics from the early '00s that are giving us major waves of nostalgia. Many of them look like behind-the-scenes pics from "Lizzie McGuire" but others are just fun times of former Disney stars hanging out.

Matching denim jackets are everything.

This looks like Lalaine's dressing room, complete with the best sign.

She perfectly captioned this, "Crazy then, crazy now, always annoyed. #Tbt."

Lalaine with co-star hottie Clayton Snyder, who played Ethan Craft.

We never saw Miranda and Ethan date on the show, did we?

Well, unless you count the time they were paired up as a married couple for a school assignment, but whatevs.

There's an awful lot happening here.

Will Smith is so much taller than everyone in this photo, his head is slightly cut off at the top.

Lalaine and Hilary hanging out with "Lizzie McGuire" writer and executive story editor Nina Bargiel.

According to IMDb, Bargiel wrote almost 20 episodes of the show, including the Aaron Carter one. Bless you, Nina.

If Hilary could bring back that Hawaiian-esque tank top, that'd be great. She can pull off literally any outfit.

The other girl in the photo is Lalaine's cousin, whom Lalaine set up with Adam Lamberg (Gordo) back in the day. LOL.


Lounging on set (in what is definitely not 1994).

The squad relaxes while filming the school election episode. It should also be noted Lalaine tagged Miley Cyrus in this pic because she was "just being Miley before Miley?." Honestly, same.

Two McGuires, one Sanchez and one Matilda Wormwood.

Yep, that's Mara Wilson sandwiched between the OG Disney stars.

Oh, and friendly reminder Evan Peters was a Disney kid on "Phil of the Future."

And now he's a murdering psychopath on "American Horror Story: Hotel."

More bb Evan Peters!

And speaking of "Phil of the Future," here's a throwback of star Raviv Ullman with Lalaine and Jake Thomas (aka Matt McGuire).

The '00s dreamboats continue with Jesse McCartney, because why the hell not?

He has such a ~beautiful soul~. (Sorry.)

And in true Disney fashion, here's Lalaine chillin' with Louis Stevens (Shia LaBeouf) and Twitty (A.J. Trauth) because old Disney will never die.

Why wasn't there ever a "Lizzie McGuire" and "Even Stevens" crossover? Why, Disney?!

On several of the photos, Lalaine used the hashtag #breakingsocialmediabutnottheinternet and we couldn't have summed it up any better ourselves. Keep the throwback pics coming, Lalaine!

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