The Chainsmokers Just Crashed A High School's Prom

But did they find tuxes in time?

The Chainsmokers were set to hit the AllState Arena in Rosemont, Illinois last night on their Memories...Do Not Open tour, but they opted to shake up their schedule a bit and work in an impromptu detour.

Some artists take a nap before a show. Some grab a meal, do some yoga, go through whatever pre-performance ritual they have to get them in the right mindset, whatever. The Chainsmokers? They went to prom. Seriously.

For their gig warm-up, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall hit up Huntley High School — which was oh so conveniently located across the street from the venue — to surprise a bunch of teenagers on the dance floor.

Whether or not they walked in for the beat drop in "Closer," we have no idea, but we secretly hoped they timed their epic surprise for that very moment.

As prom season is in full swing and the guys still have tons of tour dates on the horizon, who knows: Maybe they'll be sure to check and see if a formal function is taking place in within a stone's throw from the stage and stop by to say hey to your high school in their dressed-up best, too.

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