Kehlani Reveals How Confidence In Her Sexual Fluidity Inspired 'Honey'

Sweet as honey

Sweet and deeply personal, Kehlani’s “Honey” is a candid love song about the singer’s relationship with a woman. Over the light strumming of a guitar Kehlani confidently sings, “All the pretty girls in the world, but I’m in this space with you.” In an interview with MTV News correspondent Gaby Wilson at Camp Flog Gnaw, Kehlani opened up about the origins of the song and its importance to her.

“I am very openly queer,” says the California songwriter. “I thought that my music lacked representation of how my actual life is. I thought it was important to be myself fluidly in my music and not just in my life. My art mimics my life, so you know I have a girlfriend, and it’s only right that that’s what I make music about and that I’m able to put that out confidently.”

It's fitting Kehlani opened up about “Honey,” at Tyler, the Creator’s annual music festival. The release of Tyler’s Flower Boy, saw the rapper with a history of misogynistic and homophobic lyrics similarly using the metaphor of nature and bees to detail a sexual awakening. As a whole, 2017 is a banner year for artists embracing their sexuality. Taylor Bennett, iLoveMakonnen, and Lil Peep have all come forth revealing their sexual fluidity in different ways.

With “Honey,” Kehlani takes control of her narrative. As her soft and lilting voice slyly sings, “I’m a beautiful wreck, a colorful mess,” it is instantly relatable. For a moment, Kehlani gives fans an intimate look into her life when she didn’t have to.

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