Mary-Kate Olsen: 'I Would Never Wish My Upbringing On Anyone'

Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy, the … Mary-Kate and Ashley? Fans of "Full House" know that’s not exactly how this show’s opening song goes, but sometimes we are left to wonder what ever happened to the adorable twins who played cute little Michelle Tanner.

Actress-turned-successful fashion designer Mary-Kate Olsen takes a step back into the limelight opening up in the pages of Marie Claire about the hit 90s sitcom that catapulted her and her sister’s career.

While the rest of us may think of Michelle Tanner as a character we fell in love with growing up, for the actress who played her, it was a much different experience.

Marie Claire

In the August issue of MC, Mary-Kate revealed, "I look at old photos of me, and I don't feel connected to them at all.” She even goes so far as to compare her stint as a child star to "monkey performers."

But, while the candid starlet seems to hold some remorse about having a less than normal lifestyle, it’s not all regrets for MK. "I would never wish my upbringing on anyone...but I wouldn't take it back for the world," she said. Hm, would the fact that she and Ashley became self-made millionaires by the age of 10 have anything to do with it?

Regardless, Mary-Kate is just another prime example that money can’t buy you happiness. In 2004, tabloids featured hundreds of pictures of the troubled actress with claims of an eating disorder and potential drug and alcohol problems.

Marie Claire

However the 24-year-old tells the mag she’s finally learned to speak up for herself when it counts. "I think it's really important to be able to talk when something's wrong,” Mary-Kate said. “I learned at a really young age that if you don't talk about it, it can drive you insane."

The doe-eyed blonde has made a full recovery since then and is better than ever with a new fashion label The Row, several other clothing line projects and potentially new acting roles. “I still read scripts, and if something great comes along, that's great … but this is my day job,” MK clarified. “The Row is where I go every day."

Now a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry, Mary-Kate credits much of her success to the person who stood by her side since their diaper days. "Sometimes Ash and I have to bring each other back, or push each other more,” she said. “It's really helpful to have another half; we're constantly checking in with each other."

What do you think of Mary-Kate's thoughts on her childhood? Do you want to see her act again?

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