Capcom Tries To Shed Light On Why Mega Man Legends 3 Was Cancelled


Mega Man fans these days all feel like an unwanted child. For years they've stood by Capcom, but for years, Capcom has not stood by them.

Highlights as it pertains to the blue bomber's career in recent years include being reduced to a total joke character in Street Fighter X Tekken, and a Japan only social title designed to celebrate his 25th birthday that everyone on this side of the ocean is frankly glad they're not getting.

And that's pretty much it, a sad state of affairs for the guy that put Capcom on the map, well before Street Fighter and Resident Evil entered the picture. Though most diehard fans saw the writing on the wall years ago, when the much anticipated Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled. Which came out of nowhere, almost immediately after the dream project was finally okayed.

No real reason was given, and many are still left to wonder what in the hell happened. Though most recently, as GoNintendo points out, Capcom Community Liaison Gregaman decided to recap all the available information that has been disclosed thus far, with the added benefit of hindsight.

When addressing why Legends 3 was cancelled in the first place:

"Remember that Legends 3 was essentially a 10-year-late sequel to a sequel to a spin-off, that had middling success even back when it was one of the only games of its kind--before 3D Action-Adventure was an established genre, if you can even remember that far back. And consider its place within the greater Mega Man brand.

Even I remember scoffing at the sight of it until I got my hands on it and realized it stood on its own merits. Then consider that the game was destined for a platform that didn't even exist yet in the wild. All that isn't to say MML3 was a "bad" project--it was just weird."

Gregaman argues that its cancellation is, honestly, no big deal. Games are killed in mid production all the time. But what made Legends 3 different is how it was announced so early on, and how fans were invited to participate in its creation, mostly on Capcom Unity, a part that was dubbed the Devroom:

"The cancellation of the project wasn't actually anything out of the ordinary. What was out of the ordinary is that everbody knew about it. The Devroom and the MML3 project's utter transparency were nigh-unprecedented experiments with high risks. They were risks that, sadly, delivered the full brunt of their severity.

Look at us. Two years later and we're still here talking about it. I want to know, guys, and please take this question in earnest: Knowing how the project turned out, would you rather have not known about its existence to begin with?"

Though the biggest point of contention is the time Capcom Europe basically blamed the cancellation on the fans:

"As the composer of that tweet eventually tried to explain, the remark was intended to be a lament that the Devroom didn't achieve its aims as a marketing tool, not that the fans of the game were somehow responsible for the cancellation of the game. In any case, it obviously didn't come out that way, and the backpedaling was evidently too little too late.

Incidentally, the Devroom was never meant to serve as a primary gauge of "marketability" or whatever--we knew this was hardcore stuff. But it bears noting that the Pan-Western Devroom was US-led and Europe's involvement was secondary, so I would chalk that sentiment up to that one individual's misconception of the project, or else just poor wording."

Gregaman mentions several times that being transparent was a risk, one that bit them in the ass:

"If nothing else (and I hope that's not the case), hopefully this project has shown you why companies are rarely ever this transparent. As soon as you let the public in on something, you may as well have made a promise. And god forbid it be a premature one."

At any rate, it seems that Mega Man Legends 3 is still not happening, despite some fans who are still keeping hope alive. In related news, there is a new Mega Man game coming down the pipeline, as Destructoid reports. But it's not the one everyone's been waiting for. Because this one is a board game.

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