EXCLUSIVE: Mobb Deep Ready To Reunite And Forget Feud

'The music is the most important thing and our love for each other,' Prodigy tells MTV News.

Mobb Deep isn't linked by blood, but the Queens, New York, rap duo have a brotherly bond that has lasted 20 years. Last year though, all of that unity appeared to be in jeopardy as fans watched Havoc and Prodigy go through what appeared to be a [article id="1682717"]breakup[/article]. There were immediate press releases and key photo ops, which were sent out to diffuse the situation, but fans and the media still questioned the future of the group.

On Friday (March 22), Hav and Pee came up to MTV News together to put all the speculation to rest. "Mobb Deep is like brothers, and brothers, we go through things," Havoc said in an exclusive interview.

"At the end of the day, the music is the most important thing and our love for each other it's only right we're gonna get right back to work," Prodigy chimed in.

While that reasoning may make sense to the hip-hop veterans who have crafted classic rap tunes like "Shook Ones PT.II" and "Quiet Storm," their fans have had a hard time getting over the public spat that made a bunch of headlines last year.

In the early morning hours of April 9, Havoc hopped on Twitter and sent some derogatory jabs aimed at his longtime rhyme partner, first poking fun at him and his crush on Rihanna, and then questioning his manhood and even his sexuality. Later that day, Havoc sent out a press release, denied the feud and claimed that his Twitter account was compromised. Days later the two even posed for a picture together at a New York Knicks basketball game. Despite the public façade, things were still not right.

Havoc would later reveal that the duo was on an indefinite hiatus, in an [article id="1690720"]interview[/article] with, and while there has since been announcements of scheduled performances at the 2013 Paid Dues festival, as well as an upcoming 20th anniversary tour, fans have yet to see the Mobb together, until now.

"The tweets definitely happened and I take my part in that," Hav told us, with Prodigy seated beside him to his left. "When family goes through things it's like, they shouldn't be handled in the streets. I definitely take responsibility for that."

Neither of the MCs would say what exactly caused the initial dispute; instead, they just chalk things up to their brotherly -- but sometimes tumultuous -- bond. Havoc compares the Mobb's relationship with the one he once shared with his deceased brother Killer Black, with whom he would often have fist fights with. The group gave the impression that they have been through these types of spats before, though the fights weren't as so public as the last one.

"Me and Hav got a different type of relationship man. We been through a lot of stuff growing up, just personal stuff," Prodigy said. "When you dealing with somebody for that long every day, you're gonna have your little squabbles or whatever, it's nothing."

Beside their long-standing friendship, Mobb Deep have a musical bond that they hope to keep intact -- and then of course there is the business of Mobb Deep. With a 20-year legacy and a catalog filled with groundbreaking, street music, Havoc and Prodigy are still best as a unit. "Collectively, people love the music, and why would we take that away from them?" Hav questioned.

"The bottom line is we're smarter than all the BS, we're smarter than," Prodigy added. "Way smarter than that. Trust me, we're still here for a reason, we ain't stupid."

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