Lana Del Rey Blasts The Paparazzi -- Literally -- In 'High By The Beach'

Umm, I don't think this song is about a dude.

Lana Del Rey takes aim at celebrity culture in her new video for "High By The Beach" -- quite literally.

On first listen, Lana's new single -- off of the upcoming Honeymoon -- sounds like a bitter ode to a lover: "The truth is I never bought into your bullshit/ When you would pay tribute to me cause I know that/ All I wanted to do was get high by the beach." Perhaps she's singing about that "cult leader" she's so fond of in previous tracks?

When you watch Lana's new video, however, it becomes rapidly clear that "you" could easily be construed as the sycophantic media: The video features Del Rey swanning around a near-empty beach house, a helicopter carrying a photographer hot on her heels. It wouldn't be the first time Lana lampooned the industry -- or how they see her. "F--ked My Way Up To The Top," anyone?

Whatever Lana is saying in the video, you have to stick around until the end, in which she reveals why she was toting a gun in those promo images. Blammo.

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