Beyonce 'Did A Hell Of A Job' Bringing Houston Together

Bey's 'No Angel' video was a reunion of sorts that brought together H-Town rap pillars like Scarface, Willie D. and Paul Wall.

Z-Ro woke up on Friday morning with a ton of new Twitter followers and the Houston rap veteran had no idea why.

"I didn't know nothing was going on, I just looked up and saw that I had 800 new followers. I'm like for what?" he told MTV News. "I ain't know nothing."

Just like the millions of unsuspecting music fans, Z-Ro had no idea that Beyoncé would be dropping her [article id="1719018"]fifth solo album[/article] on December 13, even though he starred in the "No Angel" music video that was packaged with the album.

The video, which was filmed in Beyoncé's native Houston, featured cameos from not only Z-Ro, but H-Town rap pillars like Scarface, Willie D., Bun B (by way of Port Arthur), Paul Wall, Trae tha Truth and Slim Thug. The direction was handled by @LilInternet and the visual gave fans a true taste of Houston street culture. There were scenes shot in the infamous Third Ward community and the Cuney Homes housing development, MacGregor Park and the ever-popular V Live strip club.

Bey performed in a white-hooded mink coat and matching one piece, while Houston residents for the camera. There were scenes with kids playing football and at the SLAB parade, an annual celebration of H-Town car culture.

"We do a lot of videos on the cool out here and try to capture the same thing, but I think she did a hell of a job," Slim Thug said of Bey, who he first collaborated with in 2005 on her "Check On It" video. "To see it at that level--on a Beyoncé level, it was dope because it really just captured our culture.

"She wanted real Houston," he said admitting that he himself had watched the video multiple times when it was released.

"It's a perfect representation of the town, because you got the culture, you got the struggle, the pain, the look, the feel and the depth of Houston," Trae tha Truth said. "At the end of the day, she showed love. And remember, in life, no one has to and she does. I salute her for that."

Z-Ro also salutes Beyoncé, particularly for her ability to unite a hip-hop scene that doesn't come together as often as they should. Earlier this year, Bey dropped her [article id="1704649"]"I Been On" remix[/article] featuring Z-Ro, Scarface, Willie D, Slim Thug, Lil' Keke and Bun B.

"The only other person who I think could've done something like that was DJ Screw," Ro said of the pioneering Houston DJ who passed away in 2000. "We came through and got people that put their odds to the side and held Houston up as a whole so shout out to her she did that."

Slim can't help to marvel and Beyoncé's humbleness, especially considering all of her worldwide success.

"We're so proud to have somebody, she the hottest chick in the game, no doubt and she's from the city. For her to rep us like that on this, that was a blessing man," he said. "Just putting the spotlight on the culture again can do so much and that's all we ask. Just by her doing that can open so many doors for us."

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