Yes, These Robert De Niro Impressions Are Talking To YOU

What better way to celebrate De Niro's birthday than to watch all the most hilarious impersonations of him?

Bow down, everyone, because today (Aug. 17) is THE Robert De Niro's 72nd birthday. So, first of all, many 'grats are due to the greatest of greats, but also it's now time to celebrate.

And we can think of no tribute more fitting than rounding up all of the most hysterical impersonations we've ever seen -- because in Hollywood, having a solid De Niro impression is an actual resume-worthy skill and you know what they say about imitation and flattery.

(Warning: Some of the clips below contain NSFW language.)

"Knocked Up"

There are few things funnier than watching Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen trading off equally astute (and LOL-able) RD impersonations mid-supper.


While Zac Efron had the De Niro "Taxi" costumery on lock, it was Dave Franco who arrived as a stand-out for this impromptu impression session. It's just too bad Rogen didn't chip in with the repeat here.

"Saturday Night Live"

Alec Baldwin's turn as Bobby D on "SNL's" faux "Joe Pesci Show" had us in stitches.

"SNL" (Again)

A week after Jimmy Fallon gave "Meet the Parents" an unfavorable review on "Weekend Update," he gave new meaning to the concept of "standing by it" when De Niro himself showed up and Fallon impersonated him live and in person. That takes GUTS.

Jimmy Fallon

He's basically become an expert at this point.

Chris Tucker

The "Silver Linings Playbook" star brought his A game when he did this expressive take on his pal Bob for "Conan."

Kevin Hart

Solid eyebrow game is a must for any good De Niro impression, as Hart well understood during this stand-up bit.

Gary Oldman

Spot to the on.

Josh Robert Thompson

It's even birthday-themed for heightened levels of excellence.

"Once Bitten"

Jim Carrey could teach a master class in celebrity impersonations, so it's no surprise that he had an RD face in his pocket for just the right occasion.

Rashida Jones

Jones' "Parks and Recreation" co-star Amy Poehler dared her to whip out her awesome De Niro impression on the spot and she was soooo game.

Happy birthday, Robert De Niro!