Eliza Dushku On 'True Lies 2': James Cameron 'Should Give Me A Call'

One of the dreamquels that we never get sick of asking about is James Cameron's long rumored follow-up to "True Lies," and fortunately leading lady Eliza Dushku is always game to play ball when it comes to the subject.

MTV News caught up with the "Batman: Year One" star at San Diego Comic-Con during our livestream of the event, and fielded her a Twitter question saying a fan would love to see her "kick some butt" in "True Lies 2." Her response? "I think so too!" But there has been a bit of a hold-up from another one of the movie's stars.

"I think there's been a little a little snafu with the star. With the Schwarzenegger. It might be a minute," she said with a laugh.

Arnold's personal problems notwithstanding, the man is returning to film with "The Last Stand." Either way, Dushku said there had been a time when the former Governator was not taking kindly to the rumor mill going about this movie.

"For a while I was never even talking about it. Tom Arnold was always talking about it," Dushku said. "And all of the sudden I started getting calls from the Governor's office in LA saying, 'You aren't allowed to talk about 'True Lies' and we hear you're talking about the sequel,' and I was like, 'No I'm not. That's Tom! Call him up, bug somebody else.'"

But Dusku wanted to set the record straight: if James Cameron wants her for it, she is there for "True Lies 2."

"Jim should give me a call, we should talk about it," she said. "I might consider being into it."

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