14 Times Shay Mitchell's Instagram Gave Us Crazy FOMO

This pretty little liar lives a charmed life.

Shay Mitchell is the closest thing we have to an IRL princess. (Sorry, Kate.) Her hair is always perfectly styled, her fashion sense in on point and we're pretty sure her Instagram is actually a fairy tale. For example, take her recent vacation.

The "Pretty Little Liars" star spent the last week documenting her travels around India on Insta -- and her pics looked magical AF. Seriously, if we slipped a pea under her mattress, she'd probably feel it. So obviously, we've compiled her most FOMO-inducing snaps into one glorious post because let's be honest, it's Monday and we need a little daydream inspiration. (Please take us with you next time, Shay Buttah!)

Mitchell rocked a dupatta and took our breath away.

She can literally wear anything and look gorgeous.

She was the most glamorous tourist ever.


Taking selfies with the locals, natch.

This is how Mitchell spent #InternationalWomensDay.

Even her soap looked Pinterest-perfect.

We bet Mitchell smells like lavender. (Is that weird?)

Here's Mitchell hanging out with some kids.


Her transportation wasn't the most glamorous...

But it sure was authentic!

Here's Mitchell celebrating Holi Day with her bestie.

That looks like SO MUCH FUN.

And eating all of the fruit.

Fruits on fleek.

This was her gorgeous dinner view.

We told you it was magical AF.

Her BFFs had a great time, too.

Girl trips are the best trips.

Then she took a photo of this beautiful door.

Where does it lead? Narnia?!

And looked like a model in this bindi.

When they inevitably make the live-action version of "Aladdin," Mitchell is a shoo-in for Jasmine.

She found this breathtaking book store.

What is this life?!

And then woke up like dis.