We Watched The 'Thong Song' Video With Sisqo And It Was Hilarious

Btw, he says he invented twerking.

Few songs transcend time, age and circumstance the way that the "Thong Song" has. Since it came into our lives 15 years ago, it is just as wild at your wedding as it was at your middle school dance. You probably could describe your first time experiencing the music video in great detail. In celebration of the "Thong Song's" 15th anniversary, I sat down with the man who brought it into this world--- Sisqo himself.

As we watched the video together and reminisced, Sisqo pointed out that "15 years in the entertainment industry is like 1,500 years," and he's right. When this song came out, it was considered a scandalous subject -- and now the lyrics are practically rated G compared to the rest of today's music. Regardless, from the very first sound of the violin, the track holds onto its purpose: the ability to make anyone, anywhere, excited to dance.

Sisqo weighs in on different aspects of the video: his silver hair, the many girls in thongs and his variety of celebrity cameos, but most importantly, he points out that if you look closely, you can see the moment when he invented twerking pre-Miley Cyrus.

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