Miranda Cosgrove Says VMA Crowd Went 'Crazy' Over Kanye West's Rant

'iCarly' star announced Taylor Swift's performance after the rapper rushed the stage.

[artist id="3067527"]Miranda Cosgrove[/artist] was slated to announce [article id="1621394"]Taylor Swift's performance[/article] at the Video Music Awards on Sunday night. It was the "iCarly" star's first time at the big show, and little did she know that her time onstage would be indirectly related to one of the most [article id="1621421"]controversial moments in VMA history[/article].

Cosgrove and [article id="1621369"]Justin Bieber[/article] took the stage to announce Swift's performance shortly after West had interrupted the country singer during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video. It was a moment that Cosgrove said she just missed.

"I actually wasn't there when Kanye West was onstage, but somebody told me when I came back to my seat, and everyone booed and people were being really crazy," she told MTV News. "It was like this insane thing."

Although she missed West's outburst, she certainly loved being there to see [article id="1621406"]Beyoncé give Swift her time to shine[/article]. "I thought it was really cool at the end of the show how Beyoncé had Taylor Swift come out and have her moment," she said. "And how she said she remembered being 17 and being at the VMAs and her big moment. So she let Taylor Swift come out, so that was really cool, and they hugged."

The VMA first-timer loved being at the show and thinks she and Bieber did just fine as presenters. "All of New York comes out [for the VMAs]," she said. "People are just everywhere and really excited, so that was fun. It was really fun [presenting]. We just kind of went out and did it. It went really well."

Cosgrove said Pink's and [article id="1621415"]Jay-Z's performances[/article] stood out during the action-packed show. "All the performances were probably my favorite part," she said. "I thought Pink was amazing. That was really awesome with all [article id="1621411"]the acrobatics[/article]. And Jay-Z was really cool at the end with Alicia Keys."

The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards might have wrapped, but the party is far from over. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes updates, party reports and much more.

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