Jay-Z Invites 311, Hoobastank On Tour With Mos Def, De La Soul

Liquid Mix Tour will kick off in August.

Plenty of tours have brought together rockers and rappers, but until now they've been more rock than rap.

In August Jay-Z's gonna flip the script, hitting the road with his Roc-A-Fella family, Mos Def and De La Soul and bringing along 311 and Hoobastank. Dates for the Liquid Mix Tour have not been announced.

"A lot of urban tours haven't been selling through, and that's why Jay-Z has chosen to do this kind of a bill," a Rock-A-Fella spokesperson said.

311 frontman Nick Hexum had a more artistic take on the show: "More and more people are very diverse [these days]. There's always new things to try. It's a lot of fun."

Though profitable rock and rap tours like Anger Management and Family Values are a fairly recent development, guitar-slingers have been experimenting on the road with hip-hop acts for years.

In 1991 Public Enemy and Anthrax embarked on the "Bring the Noize" tour with Gang of Four and Sisters of Mercy; in 1993 the Beastie Boys traveled the country with Henry Rollins; and in 1997 Rage Against the Machine hit the road with Wu-Tang Clan and Atari Teenage Riot.