How Might Black Flash Fit Into 'The Flash' Season 3?

This could mean bad news for Barry Allen

The Flash ended its second season with an epic showdown between Scarlet Speedster Barry Allen and menacing supervillain Zoom.

Though The Flash triumphantly came out on top in a race to save the world, it's what happened to Zoom that we need to talk about. After Barry defeated the supervillain, the Dementor-like Time Wraiths carried him through the portal and off to an unknown fate. But before they carted him off, they drastically changed his physical appearance. It looked like Hunter Zolomon's punishment for altering the Speed Force, and therefore messing with time itself, was the sudden disintegration of his body, which as you can see below, was not pretty:

The CW

The Black Flash

Hold up. That guy looks very familiar. Spoilers for those who have yet to dive into The Flash comics lie ahead. (Though, you really should; Geoff Johns's The Flash: Rebirth is a great place to start.) Zoom's transformation into this ghastly, morose visage is eerily reminiscent of Black Flash.

In the comics, Black Flash is essentially the Grim Reaper for all the speedsters in the Multiverse. He's the personification of death. When their time is up, he pulls them into the Speed Force. So he's not exactly a villain, but both Barry Allen and Professor Zoom have taken up the Black Flash mantle at certain points in the comics, so it's not out of the realm of possibility for Season 3.

DC Comics

Black Flash

You don't want to come across Black Flash.

Given Zoom's sudden transformation -- the desiccation of his face and the change of color on his logo, ear bolts, and electric charge -- it would appear that the speedster formerly known as Zoom is now Black Flash. This would also explain why creators Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg forewent Zoom's traditional yellow and red costume with something much more sinister.

"Everything about Zoom just feels like death," Kreisberg told MTV News back in January, seemingly hinting at Zoom's trajectory. "We had an idea that it should look like a demon. Reverse-Flash came from the future and Zoom came from hell."

So what kind of role will Black Flash play in Season 3? Barry essentially reset the entire timeline when he decided to go back in time and save his mom, and that's probably going to propel a lot of the drama in the first half of the third season. But seeing how Barry getting sucked into the Speed Force is a major plot point in the comics, I wouldn't be surprised if the Scarlet Speedster had a run in with Black Flash by the end of the season.

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