Louis C.K. Tackles Racist Chickens And Alec Baldwin Takes On Bill O'Reilly On 'SNL'

C.K. gives an extended monologue while Baldwin does double duty

Louis C.K. hosted Saturday Night Live last night for the fourth time in five seasons, with musical guest The Chainsmokers. C.K. has become one of this generation's best recurring SNL hosts (along with Melissa McCarthy, who is hosting on May 14th); every episode with C.K. or McCarthy is essentially appointment television.

C.K. opened the show with his traditional extended, ten-minute monologue, devoting the bulk of his time to, well, animals. Beginning with a "why did the chicken cross the road?" joke, Louis spiraled into a long, extremely NSFW diatribe on giraffes, moose, racist chickens, and a disturbing anecdote about goats.

Alec Baldwin also returned to the show, appearing in his usual spot in the cold open as President Donald Trump, as well as in a sketch portraying Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, who has been wrapped up in several allegations of sexual harassment. (At one point, Baldwin appeared as both men at once.)

Baldwin seems tired, and his timing is off. SNL feels like the Los Angeles Lakers in the last few years of Kobe Bryant's career, deferring to the old guy who demands to guard their opponent's best defender and wants the ball on every possession whether he's capable of handling it or not. Baldwin is dangerously close to taking nearly a quarter of every episode of SNL, and he's not even in the cast.

Below are some of the night's other top sketches:

Louis Plays A Lawyer With The Most Beautiful Eyes

Louis C.K.'s best SNL sketches always have a simple, absurd concept, or an extremely complicated concept that basically exists to tell one stupid joke. This is the former (though this episode also features the latter), a sketch where C.K. prosecutes a witness and manages to distract the judge, bailiff, witnesses, and defense with his long, luscious eyelashes.

A Clown Gets Hired For An Unusual Birthday Party

Another simple premise: a grown, 53-year-old man hires a clown for his own extremely disturbing birthday party of one.

What Was The Director Of Kendall Jenner's Pepsi Ad Thinking?

A take on this week's controversial Pepsi ad with Kendall Jenner, this explores the director of the spot telling his family and friends about the ad, all of whom told him it was a bad idea. This felt a bit like low-hanging fruit; I recommend reading Jezebel's predictive fictionalization of the eventual episode of Keeping With The Kardashians about the incident, instead.

A Thank You To Scott, Who Shared An Article On Facebook

More low-hanging fruit from the SNL crew: a faux-reggae song called "Thank You, Scott," where the singers (and underprivileged people from around the world) thank an old white guy named Scott for sharing articles on Facebook and adding #BlackLivesMatter to his Twitter bio.

Next week's episode features host Jimmy Fallon and musical guest Harry Styles.

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