Lady Gaga Has 'Major' Musical Crush On Zedd

22-year-old EDM star talks to MTV News about his relationship with the Mother Monster.

Lady Gaga admitted she had a "major musical boner" for 22-year-old EDM star Zedd on Twitter Wednesday (August 22) morning, telling her millions of followers that his track "Spectrum" is "pure EDM fantasy." And according to Zedd, the affection is mutual.

He's one of the biggest young things to hit the [article id="1677064"]EDM scene this year[/article], but he's been in Gaga's inner circle for some time. His remix of Gaga's "Marry the Night" appeared on her Born This Way deluxe edition release, and earlier this year, he accompanied her to Asia on her Born This Way Ball.

Now, Zedd is rumored to be one of the folks working with Gaga on her 2013 album release, [article id="1691226"]ARTPOP.[/article] When MTV News spoke to Zedd in February, he lavished great praise on the Mother Monster, as their partnership continues to flourish in new ways.

"I love Lady Gaga, absolutely," he said. "And I've always been a fan. I was more than happy when I got the chance to remix her. I think she's an amazing singer. She's a great writer. So I don't know if she brought dance music to the world or not, but she doesn't have to [be the person responsible for that]. I still think she's amazing."

With Zedd moving into more pop-friendly production, it's clear that he is making strides toward dominating not only dance parties, but also Top 40 radio. "Just with what I've personally been producing and am producing it's a lot of my own songs that basically just go to artists [as they are], so I would put out as Zedd would, just be put out as a pop singer," he said. "So it just proves in my case it gets so close. I feel like I have to experience the other part, the vocal. I want to do that myself, not sing but just write."

Zedd quite enthusiastically added, "I love pop music. I love great singers ... There's so many I would love to work with. I feel like there's a lot a lot of artists that I will work with next time."

In addition to his work with Gaga, he will be going on [article id="1691237"]tour with Porter Robinson[/article] and dropping his album Clarity on October 9.